See you at THE CASTLE

The Metropolitan Circus of Bucharest is bringing their “Reveria” Show to Electric Castle. The show promises to be a memorable and breathtaking experience never before seen at a music festival in our country.

Every performance will be 25-30 minutes long.

To enter a show, you need to own a day pass or a full pass for the festival and pay an admission fee of 20 Ron.

Here’s the schedule:


1st show: 17:30
2nd show: 23:00

THURSDAY, July 19:

1st show: 17:30
2nd show 20:45

FRIDAY, July 20:

1st show: 18:15
2nd show: 22:45

SATURDAY, July 21:

1st show: 13:00
2nd show: 16:00
3rd show: 22:45

SUNDAY, July 22:

1st show: 13:00
2nd show: 16:00
3rd show:19:45